The Disquiet Of Melting

C. Tsang



The Disquiet Of Melting is an audio-visual piece combining field recording with crowd-sourced vocal contributions from the Disquiet Junto, an online community of musicians. The piece is a sonic representation of the anxiety and unease invoked by climate change, particularly in light of the extreme weather events in Australia. The Disquiet Junto is a group created by author and sound artist Marc Weidenbaum as a weekly project where musicians respond to fast-turnaround assignments to compose and share compositions. This particular project (#419 - Dischoir) asked participants to create music from 113 vocal samples of held syllables shared by members of the Disquiet Junto. The field recording was made by freezing a hydrophone into a glass of water, then slowly pouring hot water over the frozen block. The vocal contributions were then layered on top of the field recording in Ableton Live 9. The resulting composition was turned into an audio visualisation using Trapcode Form in Adobe After Effects. Vocal contributions [in order of appearance]: Jet Jaguar Patricia Wolf Cray Samarobryn Atomboyd Precht Zoundsabari Ejkelly BellyFullOfStars Sevenism tja Zero Meaning KRSeward Vonna Wolf


Born in 1982 in Hong Kong, C. Tsang (pronouns: they/them) is a nonbinary audio-visual artist living in Perth, Australia. Their work explores the emotional nature of landscape, and the main focus of their practice has been on their response to the natural landscape as a composer and performer, incorporating audio and visual elements of place into compositions, and using the landscape as a narrative device. C. has performed and exhibited their works in Australia, Asia, UK, Ireland and the USA as samarobryn, and has been nominated multiple times in the WAM Song Of The Year Awards in the experimental category. They were also nominated in the 2019 WAM Awards for Best Experimental Artist. They are currently a PhD candidate at the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (Edith Cowan University).