Corrupted Vinyl

Adam Melzer




Corrupted Vinyl is an acousmatic, fixed media composition. It is noise based, and programmatic in that it musicalises the sonic deconstruction of a vinyl record player. Spectromorphological processes are central to the sonic structuring of the work, with most manipulations pertaining to sonic artifacts often heard in vinyl reproduction. There are two overarching sections: A (0:00 - 3:33) and B (3:34 - 5:10); with an additional coda (5:11 - 6:23).


Adam Melzer is a young, Sydney-based composer. His compositional work is varied, but more recently has focussed in on both acousmatic and experimental music domains. He graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2019 with the result of a First Class Bachelor of Composition (Honours). In addition, he has put on his own concerts as a part of Audioshape; was a featured artist in the November 2019 playlist "Evolving Waves", curated by Making Waves New Music; and was a featured artist throughout the 2020 Hibernation Festival with the contribution of three livestreams and three audiovisual works.