The Sky Is The Score #1

Michael Spicer




The Sky Is The Score #1 is the first in a series of pieces that use photographs of the sky as a graphic score. This stereo fixed media piece is conceived to be played in a reverberant space, such as a church. It was initially mixed with no artificial reverb, but reverb has been added for playing online. The piece was created by recording several generative patches on a modular synth, and then shaping the resulting layers in a DAW so as to reflect my interpretations of various parts of the sky image.


Michael Spicer has a PhD Music and a M.Sc in Computer Science, and is constantly looking for ways to combine these two areas. He has been performing professionally as a keyboard/synthesizer/flute player since the late 1970’s. He was a member of the popular Australian folk/rock group “Redgum” in the 1980’s. He is currently teaching at Singapore Polytechnic and performing in Singapore with the improvisation group “Sonic Escapade”.