Atlas of Uncertainty

Massimo Vito Avantaggiato



The Audiovisual "Atlas of Uncertainty" is based on the representation of 4 Classical elements, that typically refer to the concepts in Ancient Greece of earth, water, fire, earth and aether, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances.

The music that accompany the video is a sonic continuum ranging from unaltered natural sounds to entirely new sounds - or, more poetically -- from the real world to the realm of the imagination.

In “Atlas of Uncertainty” a microcosm of sounds, explored through some and max msp interfaces, becomes the hyletic universe of the work.

Heterogeneous sound materials are explored through various techniques (granular, subtractive). The sounds and the images are here combined in well identifiable gestures.


His work revolves around research processes and combination of experimental video and experimental electronic music. He took a master degree in Electroacoustic Composition, Composition, Sound Engineering. He has won several prizes for his works in international composition competitions with concerts and academic presentations in over 90 countries.