Unawakened Routine of a Salaryman

Minchang Han



Unawakened Routine of a Salaryman is a piece about an employee who always starts a day with an ardent dream about having a great vacation to somewhere around the seaside; however, he lives dull routine without having time to plan 'his holiday'. 'Salaryman', the title of the piece, is an equivalent term to 'employee' that is generally used in the East Asia countries.

This piece is comprised of five parts which show the trait of the structure of movie scenes rather than the musical progression for associability between each part. Each part contains characteristic sound, produced by computer processing, that reflects the mood of each scene and it is arranged based on Korean traditional rhythm for referring 'Salaryman', which word only used in East Asian Culture. At the final step, the composer relocates the piece as what he feels in each scene to gain emotional sympathy.


Minchang Han ‚Äčis an electronic musician, music producer and sound designer based in South Korea. He studied electroacoustic music at the University of Birmingham with distinction and electronic music at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Also, he worked as a studio engineer at Macquarie Faculty of Arts in Sydney. Currently, Han is a lecturer at Busan Arts College and co-founder of Vic Sound Institute in Korea.

With his career spanning rock, electronic, jazz and experimental music, his main interests focus on audio-visual art and utilising Korean traditional music as his own musical identity.