No-Input Mixing Board

Reuben Ingall



A No-Input Mixing Board (NIMB) is an instrument created by plugging an audio mixer's outputs to its inputs. The internal feedback creates a variety of tones and noises, and the dynamic audio-electrical interactions create potential for an exploratory sound practice.

The sound can be visualised with an oscilloscope (or in my case, oscilloscope software), and by panning multiple channels of mixer feedback in stereo, the sound can be visualised with a phase scope / lissajous figure.

This presentation is a mix of demonstration, how-to, and discussion.


Reuben Ingall grew up in Canberra, and studied computer music and interactive digital media at the Centre for New Media Arts at The Australian National University. He makes a range of music with puredata patches, no-input mixer, guitar and voice, found sound, field recordings, etc. His other projects include the monthly experimental music night Soundscapes, the radio program Subsequence, mixing and mastering local bands, and a mashup-DJ act. He has worked on music for installations, theatre, e-publications, film, and dance.