Piece No. 3

Lynden Bassett



Piece No. 3 explores communication and miscommunication. The texture is formed by a web of improvisatory communicative links between performers. Soft-synths are directed to respond to each other and to physical instruments, which in turn interact with each other. These links are built flawed however, as each part’s sonic content is only vaguely related to all the others’, the synthesiser controls are alien, and the nature of the interactions is combative. Recordings of a human voice underscore this, attempting to express frustration, disillusionment, and panic, but being able to only in fragments.

Hopefully, the specific rules of interaction in the score are not central to fruitfully listening to the piece, and the (mis)communications between parts are audible to some degree. Further, while these connections create form and texture, and hold much meaning for me, the surface, the impression of the work is intended to reflect the messaging in the underpinning structures.

Performed by members of the ANU Laptop Ensemble and Canberra Experimental Music Studio: Abigail Thomas, Weitong Huang, Lynden Bassett (laptops), Jaime Langer (keyboard, laptop), and Miles McLaughlin (banjo, laptop) at the Lonsdale St Studio.


Lynden Bassett is an Indonesian-Australian composition student, currently studying an undergraduate degree at the ANU School of Music. His musical background is in punk and hardcore, and he plays in Canberra band, HYMMNN.

The Canberra Experimental Music Studio (Canberra EMS) is a group of performers, composers, and improvisers from the Canberra region, loosely based at the ANU School of Music. The ANU Laptop Ensemble is operates out of the ANU Research School of Computer Science and the ANU School of Music. Members explore different ways of using the laptop in group performance.