Algorithmic music generation: solving the right problem

Matthew Whitley / Skueue



I've spent the last 7 years working on an algorithmic music generator within the PureData programming environment

By the end of this talk, I want you to know: how to come up with a musical idea, and get a computer to create music that follows along to your musical intent

My music software allows me to create a completed musical work within 20 minutes, and has enabled the creation of hundreds of musical pieces

I want to share some of the insights into how I get I'm able to use music theory terminology, as a way to compose generative music

The talk centres around using the 'Clave' or 'Rhythmic Key' as a structural device, to provide a framework to place musical ideas

Some of the other concepts I explore are: harmonic contours, scale quantizers, pre-mediated scale modulation, functional harmony, melodic repetition, chord progressions, rhythmic embellishments, and deterministic-algorithmic music generation


My name is Matt, and I compose and perform under the artist name Skueue

I'm a musician that makes generative, microtonal electronic dance music using the PureData programming environment