Darshan with a Pelican: Multiplicities (2020)

Warren Burt




This paper will describe the compositional techniques used in the multichannel sound composition “Darshan with a Pelican: Multiplicities” which would have been premiered on May 22 at the GRM Paris 40 channel Acousmonium concert hall, but this performance was cancelled due to the corona virus. (It is tentatively rescheduled for October 10, 2020.) A 2 channel version, prepared specially for this conference, will be presented here instead. This piece will incorporate a number of compositional techniques, such as: image sonification using the Virtual ANS Synthesizer; Markov-chain driven melody composing routines; real-time use of the GRM Tools Spaces modules; multiple microtonal scale complexes; virtual analogue sound fragmentation routines – assembling thick microtonal sound textures with the use of the NYSTHI module toolkit for VCV Rack; and several others. The aim will be to assemble a large scale (21 minute duration) multi-timbral and multi-textural composition where at any moment, several different sound ideas will be happening, each with their own discrete sound-path spatializations throughout the space. Making an ever changing ear-dazzling sound complex is the name of the game here. The paper will also include several sound excerpts from the piece.


Warren Burt (b 1949): composer, performer, writer, instrument builder, sound poet. Currently Coordinator of Post Graduate Studies in Music, Box Hill Institute, Melbourne. Born in the US, moved to Australia in 1975. Has been involved in music, video, community arts, community radio, education, etc. since arriving. Currently living and working in Daylesford, Vic.