Instrument of Failure




Gelido is an experimental music, sound and light project fusing field recordings of machines malfunctioning, micro edited sound structures and electronica. These machines saturate our day to day environment more than ever today and offer a unique sonic landscape of possibilities that can be used as source material to compose artwork from. The use of error within digital systems as a mode of creative expression is the main focus of Gelido's audio visual performances and focuses on an attention to detail with a unique fusion of sounds taking influence from Alva Noto and Ryoji Ikeda.

Instrument of Failure is a stereo audiovisual collage composed from a number of processes exploiting the use of malfunctions in digital technologies. The work utilises the ‘error’ as being a raw material to create something new. This collection of audiovisual imperfections displays the vulnerability of the systems that are most commonly used to create finely tuned works which aim to be as close to perfection as possible. The ‘glitch aesthetic’ in this work is not utilising failure in the traditional sense of the word, but is an intrinsic part of the creative content. Works using these methods and ideas have been given various genre titles including “glitch, microwave, DSP (digital signal processing), sinecore and microscopic music” (Casone, 2000).


Breakcore/Glitch/IDM musician based in Melbourne.