Abletweet (Performance / live demonstration)

J. Curtis (lysdexic)




This short (15 minute) performance submission accompanies the ‘Abletweet: Harnessing Social Media APIs for Encoding, Co-Creating and Performing Improvised Generative Electronic Music.’ research paper / artist talk submission for ACMC2020. This performance work seeks to explore the improvisational possibilities offered by the Abletweet device by restricting all melodic and percussive sequences to patterns generated by the device in real time, using digital and analogue hardware.


lysdexic began its existence as dark experiments in freeform sound design, audio manipulation and textural soundsculpting before moving into rhythmic based composition. Using frameworks such as MaxMSP, Arduino, C++ and Python to create custom DSP tools and sampling everything from scratched discs, hacked data files, circuit bent kids toys and his ever growing collection of modified drum machines, lysdexic continues to explore and destroy the audio spectrum.