Bridget Chappell

Melbourne Sound School

Keynote Presentation: Friday 2020-07-03 8-9pm AEST


Bridget Chappell is an artist working on unceded Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung country.

In 2017 they were awarded Best Experimental/Avante Garde act from Music Victoria for their work founding and coordinating Sound School, a project upskilling and celebrating marginalised voices in electronic music. They organise raves and concerts in drains, dams, observatories, and other natural amphitheatres. Recent works have focused on interrogating sonic control and warfare: in solo exhibition ‘No Comment’ at Blindside (2020) and essays in unMagazine (2019) and Testing Grounds (2020).

As solo producer Hextape, recent works include '2 Fast 2 Furious' EP (2019) on Anterograde, ‘Time Loop’ live score (2019) and ‘The Network Weeps’ (2019) for Critical Mass festival. Experimental field recording is used alongside distorted kick drums and the amen break as speculative fiction and rave nostalgia, spanning the hardcore continuum from gabber to jungle, techno, and dubstep. As a cellist and composer they created 'Undertow' (2019) for the City of Melbourne, a data music work for cello and the Federation Bells. They have been artist in residence at Testing Grounds (2020), Bogong Centre for Sound Culture (2019), and Frontyard (2017).


Instagram: @hextape.wav